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Spaceplayer-Earth in the Balance

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It's not "Objectivist" music, but the point comes across...Rock against the Obamanation.

"Earth in the Balance" by Spaceplayer.

"A meteoric rise to fame/

what's ours to lose was yours to gain/

as you pulled on the reins/

so you could remain/

the king that you think you are/

yeah, you're a supertzar/

you held us so far, you held our mind in chains/

made us wonder who is crazy and who is sane/

our sanction of guilt was the key to our shame/

and our self-sacrifice was the claim to your fame/

but I know who you are and I know you're to blame/

'cause I know the score...and I know you're name..."

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Hi, Laure,

Well, we all have our own boiling point. Since the future's uncertain, optimism is not a bad option. But I intend to keep up the pressure so that it DOESN'T get so bad that there is no hope! I know there's a bit of hyperbole involved with some of the attacks on Obama, but as long as he has to keep denying that he's socialist, that makes it harder to him to act like one without appearing to contradict himself.

And thanks for the shout out! :)

Joe, I'm not quite ready to give up "hope" (!) on Obama yet, although so far it's not looking so promising.

But, everybody, have a listen to the song!! It is REALLY good.

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