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Starting an Objectivist community group in So Cal

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Hi everyone, and (hopefully) welcome to the club!

We have three members as of tonight and two other prospects I have in mind.

If you're within driving distance to wherever we end up (below), I hope you'll consider taking advantage of the unique opportunity. We're right next door to ARI, USC, UCLA and UCI which, collectively, host about 10 Objectivist speaking events a year- ALL FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!!!

I'm in charge of the Ayn Rand Institute's campus club campain at both the high school and college level, so I have a ton of ideas we can discuss and possibly incorporate into our community group. I might also be able to get us some terrific resources, too.

I would like to have the group kick off some time in the next 2-6 weeks depending on membership numbers. That should be ample time to organize as well as spread the word. At that time we can discuss the logistics of everything and find out what everyone is looking to get out of the group.

Here are my specs:

I live in Irvine

I work 9-5, so I can meet on weekday evenings, though I'd prefer weekends (anytime).

I would like to meet in Irvine, but I'll meet anywhere within a 60 minute drive. (no further NW of the 405/101 interchange or S of San Clemente)

I do not have a place in mind where we can meet. My living situation couldn't accommodate it. Perhaps rotating locations to soften everyone's commute?

I have no ideas for a group name

I'm willing to pay some dues or donate to help us get started (no more than $100 a year), but I can't think of what we'd use it for as of the moment.

If everyone interested could offer similar information as well as additional info I might have overlooked that might be the best way to begin.

I'm looking forward to hearing back from everyone so we can all make this happen. I think keeping the thread as a hub woud be a good idea so if everyone could direct others here or "keep them on ice" until the first meeting that should simplify things.

Thanks for the interest, and I'm looking forward to getting started soon. :dough:




[email protected]

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I'm one of the people that Matthew has in mind when speaking of starting this group. As I indicated to Matthew just tonight, there has been another Objectivist meeting group in Irvine viz. The Orange County Objectivists at meetup.com for well over a year, but I believe that this new group can offer something decidedly different. Those interested might even want to join both groups.

I believe that both Matthew and I are particularly interested in focusing some of the group's time on studying Objectivist literature, but I don't think that either of us would be against other ideas such as meeting over dinner or going to a movie. Actually, I'm hoping for the group to engage in a variety of events. I'll leave my take on this idea at that for now.

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