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"Individualism is the enemy," according to Obama advisor.

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From Robert Reich, economic advisor to Barack Obama:

In Reich's worldview, it's groups that matter and individualism that's the enemy. "The American myth of the triumphant individual may have outlasted its time," Reich has explained. "The story of the little guy who works hard, takes risks, believes in himself and eventually earns wealth, fame and honor" is outmoded.

Instead, "we must begin to celebrate collective entrepreneurship," states Reich. In place of individuals who "buck the odds" with "drive and guts," Reich argues for a world where the central planners right the wrongs, determine the production, distribute the rewards in a "fair" manner, i.e., with "only modest differences in income," and knock the rough edges off anyone who doesn't demonstrate sufficient obedience to the collective.

"Success can be measured only in reference to collective results," Reich asserts, warning against an economic system that encourages "individualistic endeavor."

Remind you of someone?

Full Article: http://www.ibdeditorials.com/IBDArticles.a...318554025794932

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... but boy I found no mitigating feature in this guy's character.
I've heard Reich quite a bit, because I often listen to NPR and he's a regular commentator. I can confirm that I have not found any mitigating features in anything he has ever said. He doesn't appear to be mixed bag like Rubin or Greenspan were.
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This administration is taking us on the fast track to Marxism. There is no denying it.

We've gone from "Yes we can!" to "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" in two and a half weeks.

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From Robert Reich, economic adviser to Barack Obama:

Full Article: http://www.ibdeditorials.com/IBDArticles.a...318554025794932

I found this line most appalling: "and knock the rough edges off anyone who doesn't demonstrate sufficient obedience to the collective."

In other words, if you are one of those exceptional geniuses that he talks against, not only will you be combating your ignorance while detecting new and great things about reality, but you have to worry about getting knocked about by the collective who believes you are acting against them.

This is pure evil drivel, but at least he came right out and said it. The battle lines are becoming more and more clear due to this administration. The question is, what side will the American people take once the lines are made so clear no one can avoid thinking about it -- er, well, some people don't think, and that is the major problem.

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Oh...I fully assumed the amount paid would be scaled with a cost of living increase like every other vampiric bureaucrat receives. I should have been more clear. $10,000 is sooo 1990's. By my estimates it should be $43,104.41 this year. Rising to $47,845.89 in 2010, $53,108.94 in 2011, and $58,950.93 by 2012. Additionally, these extra funds injected into the ailing US economy should help speed our economic recovery.

Disclaimer: The numbers above are based on an 11% annual inflation rate and are subject to greater increases during periods of runaway inflation.

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