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Old Toad

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We have just created the "Oklahoma Objectivist Society" (aka "OKOS"), centered in the Oklahoma City area.

Karen is our Assistant Organizer for OKOS. Karen will manage just about everything local for us in OKOS.

FYI, the lead Organizer ("Old Toad") is also the lead Organizer for the North Texas Objectivist Society in Dallas, TX.

As detailed under our bylaws, our society welcomes the membership of anyone who admires Ayn Rand’s works (e.g., Atlas Shrugged) and is constructively interested in Objectivism. Non-Objectivists are welcome. A member is welcome to bring friends, family, and children as guests to appropriate events.

Mingle and enjoy the friendly fellowship at our events. Of course, we also enjoy philosophical discussions, too!

Please read our "About Us" page for more information, including about our interest, our purpose, who we welcome, what we offer, why we do it, and our participation terms.

Especially if you are in the Oklahoma area or if you might be interested to drive out there to meet more people interested in Ayn Rand's works, please join OKOS as a member so you can learn of its local events and offerings.

We hope you will participate in the Oklahoma Objectivist Society!

For information about the OKOS and to sign up, please visit:


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