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Need help finding a quote

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I just ordered the research CD so I won't have this issue anymore, hopefully, but does anyone know of a quote from Rand about Americans being naive to evil/evil people. Something about we don't think they mean it, but they do. :(

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From the essay "The Anti-Industrial Revolution":

"There are three major reasons why you, and most people do not protest [the enviornmentalist attempt to reduce you to a primitive state]. (1) You take technology--and its magnificent contributions to your life-- for granted, almost as if it were a fact of nature, which will always be there. But it is not and will not. (2) As an American, you are likely to be very benevolent and enormously innocent about the nature of evil. You are unable to believe that some people can advocate man's destruction for the sake of man's destruction--and when you hear them, you think they they don't mean it. But they do. (3) Your education--by that same kind of people--has hampered your ability to translate an abstract idea into its actual, practical meaning and, therefore, has made you indifferent to and contemptuous of ideas. This is the real American tragedy." (The New Left, pp. 133)

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THANK YOU!!! :confused:

Funny, I haven't read that yet so I am not sure where I saw/heard it in the first place. At any rate, I've been trying to locate it again for months, so thanks again.

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