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Big Sky Country: Beachead for Liberation?

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I know that's a dated article, but there was and remains a very real possibility that the Second Amendment would be reconstrued on a federal level as pertaining only to pro-government paramilitaries. The fact that an elected Secretary of State (presumably tacitly supported by the Governor and probably by the state Republican Party as well) would bluntly threaten to secede from the United States over this issue should give us pause; while we may hope to convey a philosophy of liberty to the 300 million people who are claimed as subjects by the federal union, is it not reasonable to expect that within our lifetimes a People's State, claiming itself to be the legitimate American Republic established almost a quarter of a millennium ago, will not be the dominant coercive actor on this continent or planet.

Montana is a state whose reverence for a citizen's rights to life, liberty, and property cannot be questioned. Certainly, few Montanans would identify themselves as Objectivists, and there is no practical way to change this; witness the Free State Project's remarkably unserious plot to conquer New Hampshire by invading it with voters. Surely, we can organize Objectivist operations in the state and over time, persuade large numbers of Montanans that Rand was right. But such efforts take time that we may not have if the federal union is seriously considering disarming the citizens of the States, at which point there can be no peace: this country will suffer either the violence of either tyranny or revolution. I propose that Objectivists have much in common with the people of Montana, and that an independent Big Sky Country, with our involvement, could be not only a libertarian haven but the world's first actual Objectivist society.

I'm tired of believing in freedom and not having anywhere to be breathing in freedom. Let's party like it's 1776!

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