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Obama's Healthcare Summit

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Marc K.

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Have you seen this:


At about 18:00 in this is what President Obama says (paraphrasing): "... if we can fix this problem [healthcare] entirely through the market, I'm happy to do it that way. If the solution requires more government involvement and regulation, I'm happy to do it that way. I just want to figure out what works."

It is the definition of Pragmatism: the principle of being unprincipled.

He doesn't care whether we take a statist approach or a capitalist approach, one is just as good as the other. No one has a corner on the market of good ideas. (All evidence to the contrary) the Soviet system is just as valid as the American system.

Another contradiction I see is that while he, on the one hand, is admitting that he doesn't know what will work; he, on the other hand, has proposed his own solution to the problem!?!?!?

If he doesn't know what will work, how does he deign to offer a solution?

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Is he really a pragmatist or does he just play one on TV? I, for one, dont believe a word of this:

"... if we can fix this problem [healthcare] entirely through the market, I'm happy to do it that way."

If he really believed that, why would he have set aside $600,000,000,000 as a health care 'down payment' in his first budget? He has no intention of turning to the free market for a solution to health care or anything else. All these summits and task forces are to select the best possible government solution to the problem. From what I can tell, the market, in his mind, is the cause of the problems. So I dont expect him to seek solutions there.

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