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Do you personally know any other objectivists?

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Introducing people can help, but I wouldn't suggest being too forceful about it. I always just try to tell people what I think and know. Being overbearing about something can lose you more than just someone's mind, but your friend as well. Show how Objectivist principles apply to daily life through advice to a friend. People always seem to think it makes more sense when it isn't introduced through strictly philosophic terms, I've come to find.

I've gotten a couple of younger people from my former high school reading Atlas Shrugged now and it's really inspired me, especially since it is a Christian school. They like a lot of the ideas, and when they have questions I'm always there to answer. You might say I'm creating my own little army for when I leave this town :o

I also got a former girlfriend somewhat into it. Still, what I've been looking for is more intellectual stimulation. It's great to tell people and teach them but I'd much rather have an equal discussion of philosophy and I only get that with one other person.

Still, I'm happy with it and I'm sure when I move to a larger city there will be even more chances.

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I do know Objectivists in Germany, for example.


But Galt helps those who help themselves. :-)

If you want something from life, go get it! If it's not available for the taking, go make it! Take some responsibility for achieving your values! Have some courage!

"John Galt" is actually what I'm hoping for. He didn't come to people who were objectivists. He came to people who were sucessful businessmen. So what I am trying to do is to become sucessful and rich and then lookout for other objectivists if they don't find me. The last line is a good motto. Thanks for that <_<

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I know several Objectivists in/around Dayton, we just don't hang out because (in my case at least) I'm currently poor and going to college and too damn busy. While I enjoy socializing, I'm also not the type of person who misses it if I don't get to hang out with people in person a lot--online chatter is fine for me.

But, yeah, if you *are* the type of person who likes to talk face to face, then go out and meet people! And get yourself a Who Is John Galt? shirt or something similar. Every company out there knows that you have to *advertise* if you want to connect with the people who want what you've got. I've met dozens of interested people just by taking my copy of Atlas on airplane flights and into restaurants (I've actually had people invite me to come sit and eat with them because I looked "lonely" and they were curious.)

I used to have (and I think a lot of other people do, as well), extreme inhibitions about just striking up a conversation with a total stranger. It annoys me sometimes when people do this to me while I'm otherwise occupied, and I assumed that everyone else shared my annoyance. However, the older I get the more it seems like the opposite is true and people really do enjoy it when a friendly stranger offers to chat with them in line or whatever, especially if you're observant and you know something about something. I've had many friendly conversations simply because I have a tendency to shout at the radio or television when I hear/see a particularly vile or stupid news story, and I can't think of a single time anyone got upset or annoyed. The most common response is "hah, you're right about that!", followed by "I hadn't thought about it that way before, but that's a good point."

So don't get discouraged and start thinking that you're All Alone Out There. You may be the only Objectivist you know, but you should see this as an opportunity instead of a problem.

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Not personally, but I've met a few people down in Argentina who've read Ayn Rand. There're two guys here in the forum, Gabo lives in my city and I don't know why we haven't met yet. We're probably both rather shy (?)

As some of my latter post might have disclosed I've been testing my adherence to Objectivism. Not anymore: after I decided to want to meet "new people" (I don't usually do that outside work) I have been shocked by the state of their moral views if not code:

Evasion is the winner. But when "compelled" to give a straight answer the typical fellow will admit his/her blatant synicism that forces the subject to become an altruist as the socially acceptable expression of its own inmorality, of its own synical egoism.

So I am eager to meet other Objectivists, not just people who've read the book and never got the point of it.

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Lithuania is a pretty bad place to live for an objectivist, but my girlfriend is objectivist-leaning. The greatest challenge I'll have is to prove that freewill exists and destiny didn't have much to do to bring us together. The reason why's that so difficult is that we met while I was on a project in Sweden where she's studying while we were going to same schools for eight years but never met each other in our hometown.

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I came close to what might have been one - the other day, I was behind a guy who's license plate was "JHN GALT", and who had posted "Taxationland" over "Vacationland" (We live in Maine). But that's the closest I've ever been to another Objectivist. It's quite depressing - on some levels, I'm the only person who understands me. Some day, though, I'll meet another.

PS: ATTN ALL MAINERS: I'm going to a tea party on August 15th in Augusta. If any Maine Objectivists will be there, please let me know! I'd give anything to meet another!

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Make sure you make yourself a big fat "READ ATLAS SHRUGGED" or "WHO IS JOHN GALT?" sign and scope out the crowd for anyone else bearing similar regalia. That's probably your best bet for meeting someone. Don't be shy!

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Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, you can create a thriving Objectivist community in your area. Interest in Ayn Rand's ideas is at an all-time high. Capitalize on that!

It's not difficult to get started. Create a web site, set up a mailing list with Google Groups, advertise (e.g. on Objectivist forums, on FaceBook, and with Google ads), and start a once-a-month discussion group for anyone seriously interested studying Objectivism. For a model, see Front Range Objectivism, particularly the "FROG" discussion groups. You might start with an Atlas Shrugged Reading Group at a local library.

I'd be happy to spend a half hour on the phone with anyone interested in doing that. Or better yet, since I'm still busy writing my dissertation, you can ask about how to do it here -- or on a NoodleFood Open Thread.

If you want it, make it happen! You can do it!

Meetup.com is a very good tool for this if you don't have the time, money or energy to create your on website. It is very affordable. That is how NTOS uses! I met Santiago there, and he gave a great description of the group! I have met probably over 100 people the last 3 years that are Objectivists, students of Objectivism (like myself) and those interested, or friends of family that were reasonable enough to enjoy the get togethers.

As Santiago said, we usually have 2 casual social events, as well as 2 to 3 speakers per year. Andrew Berstein has lectured and visited with us twice, as well as others. Craig Biddle was our first guest lecturer, and John Ridpath was another, and Dr. John Lewis will be coming next weekend!

We aslo have added lots of other events: dinners, after work get togethers, and sometimes movie and a dinner. We have a standard yearly event of going to the Scarborough Faire each year as well. The calendar is so packed for April - it is amazing!

As a parent of 5 kids, it has been a great benefit to get to know other families that are trying to apply Objectivism in not only their personal lives, but in raising their children.

We also have two other Meetup groups that are trying to find local Objectivists and interested parties in East Texas and the Oklahoma City Area.

In addition to NTOS, Donovan has a great group with CRC - every Friday there is a new lecture we listen to (currently the Ford Hall Forum series), have a discussion, and most of us go to dinner after. I don't get to attend often, but when I do it is a great time, and very educational!

If you want it...as Diana said...make is so.....you won't regret it!

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