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I write a lot - publish things, and screenplays, and stories. It won't be clear and visible here, because of my ineffectual English (Yeah, I am still learning... wait a minute, just find a dictionary :read: ) - but want to show short comic based on my concept. It isn't nothing special. Sometimes when I am working, or listening music, or sth. else, which give me pleasure - have idea, and write down - as note for other fiction, or separate joke, you know...norm in a creative progress. That was made by my friend (drawer) in a moment.


(That's big big big paper - it's income-tax return)




(What are saying "goverment thieves"- it's about he has to give them money for poor people, and if he will refuse, they will kill him and get that cash)

Everybody knows "If I were a rich man" ? So, see - I hadn't a lot work with.

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That’s really cool. I especially like the parody of Fiddler on the Roof.

Was the art hand drawn and scanned in, or created on a computer? In either case it’s well done.

Thank You. It was hand draw and scanned in ;)

Hmm...When I finish other comic works (think at holidays), try to throw into and show here.

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