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Why Tiger Woods Is the Opposite of Hope

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I think the writer meant this as a criticism but, in fact, he wrote one of the best tributes to Woods I have read!


And I don’t mean that Tiger hoped he would win the U. S. Open. He planned it. The guy Day-Timered the most contested individual event in sports. Sunday: Roll in a twenty-footer to gut Mediate. Monday: Win eighteen-hole playoff. Tuesday: Meet the press, discuss the "drama." Wednesday: Announce surgery. Thursday: No food after 7:00 p.m.! Friday: Hospital. Bring Atlas Shrugged to read in recovery.


Return at the Masters? Planned. And he will win. There is nothing left for us to be staggered by. But most of all — understand this — there is nothing left to hope for. Tiger Woods is the opposite of hope, and it’s one of the things that distances him from us. If there is one thing that any audience always wants, it is this: They want to feel. They want to hurt. An audience demands the possibility of disappointment. Hope? Hope is for those who might fail. Hope is for Obama.


But there’s no empathy in him. None. Can’t be. There is no empathy without hope, and there is no hope in Tiger. None. Can’t be. With him, there is only will.

Make no mistake: Tiger is different from the rest. I suspect that he sees colors the rest of us don’t know about, that he senses patterns of heat in the grass, electromagnetism in the earth at his feet. The guy bends the world to his will.

(bold mine)

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I don't get the sense its negative. Its glowing praise of Tiger. However, I don't like the way he characterizes everyone else. Sure, some people go by emotions, but there are lots of us who do not.

"Bring Atlas Shrugged to read in recovery. ", was that just gratuitously thrown in there, or is it something he is doing?

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