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I find this one amusing:

"Every job I apply for there's already 150 people who have also applied," said protester Nathan Dean, 35, who lost his information technology job three weeks ago. "I have had to sign on to the dole (welfare) for the first time in my life. You end up having to pay your mortgage on your credit card and you fall into debt twice over."

Ah, you are an anti-capitalist! You're getting what you deserve!

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Whilst most of the protesters seem like idiots (remember it's the middle of the day so they are also likely unemployed, so don't actualy pay for the bailouts) I did atleast see one sign saying "who is John Galt" when watching the news. Havn't seen that kind of sign at a protest ever, whilst all the nonsense has been going on forever in the looney fringe irespective of what actauly goes on in the real world. Whilst I have no sympath for RBS, the senseless distruction is telling.

What does piss me off though is the way it's being reported, as if everyone in the world now wants facism, the press, especialy the BBC are absolutly aweful and dishonest.

Also there was some amusing irony when the TV images switched straight from a banner saying capatalism kills to a sign saying eat the bankers. Hopefully rational people will pick up on that.

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A sign saying "Who is John Galt" at an anarchist rally is not what I would consider a good thing.

The last thing we need is that question tied to these idiots and their message.

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"One protester dressed as the Easter bunny managed to hop through the police cordon but was stopped before he could reach the Bank of England. Another black-clad demonstrator waved a fake light saber at officers."

I lol'd at this because it really highlights how detached these people are from reality. It's like unintentional self-parody.

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It looks like the anti-capitalists won, along with new regulations that will create a further mess, including no international tax havens.

And they are all patting themselves on the back and trying to take credit for this monstrosity. The free market has taken a hit, but Wall Street seems to have accepted this as good news, since the DOW went up 216 points given the news. That's like cheering because the Phoenix-Durango line is going out of business; or cheering because Rearden Metal will no longer be used. They all blamed the greedy capitalists instead of blaming government manipulation of the markets, primarily manipulation of the housing market.

We may be hurting from these types of regulations for a long time to come.

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