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This 1971 movie by George Lucas is being re-released at 20 US cities on Sep 10. I just read the summary of the story, and it sounds a lot like Anthem - a future society where individuality is banned. Just wondering if anyone here has seen this movie, and what you thought about it.

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I first saw this film back in the mid to late seventies when it appeared on television. I recently purchased the directors cut of the DVD and after 30 yrs. I think the sound and visuals, san the CGI add INS, still hold up. Visually, it borrows allot from 2001 with a lot of static long shots in oblique settings.

The premise is similar to Anthem, 1984, and Equilibrium where an individual breaks from an oppressive society.

In the world of THX, everyone is emotionally neutered from a daily dose of drugs, and they're heavily persuaded to consume (as the all knowing voice says, "buy more, buy more now.") as a means to distract any introspection by the individual.

The film doesn't do much in explaining its universe. Where and when is this society taking place? How and why did it become the way it is? I think it's the lack of answering these questions that prevent it from gathering a greater appeal.

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