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Speaking at my local Tea Party.

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I'd post the speech but I had lots of gaps. It was a pretty big rush, and I had never spoken in front of that many people before. I think I did well actually speaking, but I missed some of what I had written down.

Still, all in all it was good. Modest pre-estimates set the city's participation at around 200. It ended up being conservatively around 800 people.

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I was at the closest tea party to me today (Morristown, NJ) and to be honest, I was disappointed. I guess these are supposed to be non-partisan but they had a bunch of Republicans looking to run for Governor in the next elections speaking, and the whole thing just stunk of GOP. The worst thing I heard said was "The government needs to stop telling us how to be our brother's keepers, we can do that ourselves" :lol: It made me seriously start thinking about seeing if I could speak at the next one on July 4th, just so I could provide a voice for reason.

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Excerpt from the Orlando tea party: "We don't need the government to bail us out, we need to pray to god to bail us out just like the founders of our nation did." *Crowd goes wild* :lol:

http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/...,0,568151.story I went to the one in Lake Eola (Orlando) on March 21, and I got the same thing.

"This is maybe the greatest single gathering of God-fearing patriots in the history of Orlando, Florida," local conservative radio host Bud Hedinger, who emceed the event, told the crowd.

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The one in Dallas was amazing!

It is estimated there was several thousand there - and there were a LOT of John Galt and Atlas Shrugged signs - not just by people I know through local Objectivist groups - but people I have never seen before!

We handed out a lot of fliers tonight. And the speakers mentioned Atlas Shrugged several times.

Sure, there were some God signs here and there, and they did start it with a prayer - but I actually thought there would be a lot more religious signs than there were.

It was well worth the trip into Dallas. My two youngest girls joined us and helped hold small signs and handed out fliers.

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I have been thinking about this subject pretty seriously lately and I have to be honest about what I think.

I don't see why people are having tea parties ...isn't Obama giving tax breaks to 95% of the people in America?

Doesn't matter. He spent 5 trillion extra dollars so unless he is going to flip the bill guess where the extra money sooner or later will come from. What he will most likely do is just print the money out and reduce the value of everyone's dollar. This by proxy is basically another way of taxing you.

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