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Game screenplay

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Sorry for open new topic in inappropriate place. It's all my defective English :lol: Have to acquaint myself with forum.

I am writer. I published dozens of articles in diffrence magazines, especially polish underground "fighting for freedom" zins.

I have built own magazine "Ego", working as a redactor (can find out - http://www.ego.riki.pl/_old/ - but it's in polish :P ) I also work on comics strips, writing stories (science fiction). All at all - I do a lot exercises. That's all is one big exercise. ( I feel horribly - can't make a sense of my remark because of language barrier. )

So, pass. I have an idea, and seeing any better options for it, just - computer game. It's going to be fabular game, with elements of rpg. Adventure game. First of all, I make a review like always. I have a line of open-game accidents, have motiv and topic, and vision of characters. I did it just like I have a method in comic. At the moment, have noting else, but I am thinking how to write game screenplay. Thing is complex. I think it will be similar to film screenplay, but what's the correct arrangement to show all possible interactions, and all that stuff, you know...

Having experience in kinds of writing, but want to know - what elements game screenplay must contain to be correct. Was looking for exampels, but find nothing :thumbsup:

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Chendovre then. I am also interested in game screenplay writing. Is any person here familiar with game screenplays?

I might be, but I'm not sure what you'd mean by screenplay. Do you mean like describing how the story will be shown, or more like your entire idea for a story-based game (including gameplay)?

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