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Woman's invisible arm.

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Wow, I don't know completely what to make of that but it's pretty interesting.

If you think that is weird, check this out; Body Integrity Identity Disorder.

There are people who want to have limbs removed because they feel too complete I guess.

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Thanks for the link.

A friend and I had a conversation about similar psychological phenomena. At least, they sounded similar to me. He recommended that I watch some videos of a guy called V. S. Ramachandran, and I think people who are interested in the story of this thread might want to check him out (I haven't yet had time).

My friend told me about a therapy Ramachandran developed for phantom limb syndrome. If someone lost an arm, he would feel as if that arm was still there, but clenched tight to the point of severely painful cramping. Despite his efforts to "unflex" the phantom limb, he couldn't. The patient would clench his remaining hand and Ramachandran would place a mirror in such a way that the remaining hand would appear to the patient to be where the amputated limb should be. The patient would then unclench the remaining hand, while simultaneously imagining unclenching the phantom limb, temporarily ending the discomfort!

According to my friend, Ramachandran also did a study regarding a type of synesthesia. People would report seeing a written character (let's say, 5's) as a certain color, all the time. Ramachandran studied reaction time in spotting the lone five on a feild of other characters, all printed with the same color ink. People with the disorder would be able to spot the five's much faster than people without it, supporting the notion that they actually perceive an unnatural color when looking at the five.

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