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I enjoy my daily dose of webcomic. There are a few strips I read, all regularly updated, and I want to know what ones others read.

One of my favorites is Better Days by Jay Naylor. Be warned: it's a furry comic, and some of the strips in the beginning are weird. My boyfriend introduced me to it last year, and the later strips of the comic are much better, philosophically. Just recently I sent the author an email.

I was just wondering if you've ever read anything by Ayn Rand. Elizabeth's recent emotional state, where she's realized that being happy follows from being selfish and not from considering everyone else, is a lot like Rand's philosophy. If you haven't read anything by her, I highly recommend Atlas Shrugged or The Fountainhead. (The latter is shorter and easier to read, while Atlas contains much more of Rand's philosophy and a plot line that almost seems prophetic compared to our current economic state.)

Yes, I've been studying Rand's works and philosophy for about two and a half to three years, now. Since then, it's been coloring a lot of my work. In my personal life, I hold Objectivism as the only philosophy I've encountered that seems to have a firm grasp on reality and lacks any of the contradictions and premises taken for granted, found in every other philosophy I've brushed up against. I'm glad it's noticeable in my works without me explicitly saying it.

Another one of my favorites is XKCD. No philosophy to speak of, but usually funny, if you're a geek. Then there's Questionable Content, which can be quite funny and has interesting characters. The last one I read is Schlock Mercenary, which is about a group of space mercenaries. That one can be funny too, and updates every day (even weekends!)

What comics do you read, and why?

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What comics do you read, and why?

I'm also a fan of XKCD. Like the Far Side of old, it has a highly distinctive voice and a subtle, subversive intelligence. ("Oh yes, little Bobby Tables we call him." Hee.) I appreciate a comic that doesn't direct itself to the lowest common denominator.

The two other web comics I read semi-regularly are The Order of the Stick and Girl Genius Online. The former is a role-playing game comic, which somehow manages to blend a very good story with hysterical meta-commentary on pen-and-paper RPG tropes and absurdities. The latter is best described via its tagline: "Adventure, Romance, Mad Science!" Plus, Phil Foglio. What more do you want?

I used to read Sluggy Freelance regularly, but got out of the habit for some reason.

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Day By Day: Republican propaganda with a strong libertarian streak.

Nemi: Quirky childfree Norwegian woman; unemployed, vegetarian and environmentalist. Still funny, though.

Bigger Than Cheeses: Crude humor, mostly based on other comics.

Basic Instuctions: A how-to for handling everyday situations.

The Chopping Block: Serial killers are people, too.

Something Positive: Weapons-grade snark.


Ctrl + Alt + Del: I don't know how to describe this.

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I read User Friendly everyday. It's a semi-techie strip set at an ISP in Canada.

Also Day by Day and Dilbert on occasion.

I used to check up on Cox and Forkum every day, too, but they've split up and closed down their editorial cartoons. Their archives, though, are still there at: http://www.coxandforkum.com If you go check out Open For Business about a third down the page, dated June 21st 2004.

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I'll add the ones I read on a semi-regular basis (i'll add the links and reasons in a bit)

Questionable Content




Out at Home

Dreamland Chronicles

Book of Biff



Errant Story

Khaos Komic


Antiseptic Poetry (a bit odd)

Last Place Comic (hasn't updated in awhile, and is quite odd)

and finally my personal favorite (even though it takes forever to update)


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Another one of my favorites is XKCD. No philosophy to speak of, but usually funny, if you're a geek.


The geek in me says this isn't right. When you add rotation to your body, visa via Newtonian physics, for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. In order to slow the rotation of the earth what you want to do is extend the mass outward, much like an ice skater does when she spins faster by pulling her arms in.

Now this one is FUNNY!


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Most of my favorites have been mentioned (OOTS, Girl Genius, XKCD, Schlock Mercenary), but I'd like to plug for some others:

DM of the Rings (completed, done by a Blogfriend of mine)

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic

Darths and Droids

No Need for Bushido

ErfWorld (on the same site as OOTS)

Now that I finished writing up my last D&D game I'm thinking of starting a webcomic, if only to teach myself to use Illustrator better, a worthy pursuit because it's important to my educational goals. I'd probably just run it via my blog if I do, although I may wind up changing the theme if I do that to have more space in the "main" section of the blog.

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The Tower of God has great setting and characters, originally Korean though I have to say that the translation job is also great.


The former battles it out with surrealist obituaries for the position of my favorite webcomic.

This one ranges from self contained pages to self contained story arcs and more recently also has gotten some short text only stories which for the most I also enjoyed.

I think several of you may specifically enjoy a certain character called Eldercash.


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