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Which of Rand's characters are you attracted to?

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James Bond

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Kira Argounova.

Now there are other female characters that I like of Rand's, that I am slightly attracted to, but Kira... O, Kira, she's my favorite! I'm highly attracted to her!

"Kira went to school in Yalta. The school dining room had many tables. At luncheon, girls sat at these tables in couples, in fours, in dozens. Kira always sat at a table in a corner - alone."

"Because she worshipped joy, Kira seldom laughed and did not go to see comedies in theatres."

"After dinner, Kira brought her books into the dining room, for they had but one oil wick. She sat, the books between her elbows on the table, her fingers buried in the hair over her temples, her eyes wide, engrossed in circles, cubes, triangles, as in a thrilling romance."

Then she's got a brilliant attitude too, is defensive, and is as brutally honest as can be, like towards Comrade Sonia:

"Did it ever occur to you, " asked Kira, "that I may be here for the very unusual, unnatural reason of wanting to learn a work I like only because I like it?"

Or towards Andrei Taganov in their first meeting:

"Do you know the place for little girls like you?"

"Yes- where men like you wouldn't be let in through the back door."

OMG, I could so go on, but I really should get back to what I was reading, but I just had to take a moment to reply to this thread.

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Likewise, Ragnar. Who couldn't want the most beautiful man ever?

Rearden, too conflicted. Francisco, too naive. Roark, boring. Galt is a close runner up because he's a genius. But it's Ragnar, beautiful and smart.

Dominique is super cool, too, and has a good sense of style. And Dagny is stubborn, also cool.

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Which of Rand's characters are you the most attracted to?

Me? Dagny.

I'm particularly interested in what the women of this board choose. You've got more options.

Wow, this should be a facebook app. Anyway....

Definitely Francisco. Smart, witty, extremely capable, rich, revolutionary, and personality. Hardly a "wooden" character, as Galt is accused of being.

Ragnar, because he's not afraid to do what needs to be done.

Stephen Mallory, 'cause I can relate.

Breakman/Richard Halley's student: a fellow musician working in the rock quarry, whistlin' mysterious tunes, like the Pied Piper of Atlantis.

Gail Wynand (movie version). He has a strange playfulness, despite his tragic flaw, you want him to fight and succeed. A man who could have been...

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It's certainly possible to be attracted (or disgusted) by fictional characters. Are you saying that you're not?

I guess not. I mean I might cheer on the hero or heroine and I can be attracted or repelled by the ideas the author builds them to portray but I just don't get attracted to the character in the kind of manner many here seem to be indicating.

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Well I had not given this too much thought before this. However I will second, third or whatever the count for Kira is +1 at this stage. Dagny isnt a too far distance second though...

Dagny, really is so far away on my list, I'm not sure if she's even on it. I'm too concerned with the one at the top anyways to go looking! :D

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Roark and Galt. Both have solid principles, and both are unyielding. Andrei would be more of best friend material, because in partners, I need a combination of more than just mind and passion – he has to have the right philosophical standing.

I do like red hair. Very much – naturally, it’s not something I’d focus on, because intellectual worth is immensely more important. I only mention it because someone said otherwise.

In the long run, I prefer real people.

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Roark. I picture him as having the face and build of a stern Lee Marvin. I don't really think of Roark with bright orange hair though, maybe more like dirty brown with a hint of orange.

I fell in love with his character more anything though, rather than his physical description. <3

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Probably Galt. Might be beside the point but for whatever reason Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne is how I've always imagined Galt. Obviously not him in the "Batsuit" or even when he's in his perfectly tailored three-piece suits, but those scenes in the films where he's toiling away in his cave seemed reminiscent of Galt's story, so it's not surprising that I connected the two. Something about the disciplined and unwavering nature of Galt (and Wayne) is what I found so attractive. 

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