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A review by an Objectivist friend of mine...

Art has the power to show men what the world can be; the best art shows men the world as it should be. This category of art is known as romanticism, which is marked by its recognition of the fact that man is a volitional creature, and therefore the selection of his values and their achievement is within his grasp. By showing what man is capable of, romantic art has the capability to inspire men to higher ambitions, to provide energy for the pursuit of their current ones, and to give a man a needed moment where he can bask in a world that honors his spirit and his struggle to live. Pixar’s “Up” is such a movie and for that reason it is worth every penny to see it.

The entire movie is dedicated to the idea that no matter what pain or misfortune occurs in life, happiness is so powerful that it erases the significance of anything negative. “Up” achieves this theme by demonstrating that even the sadness of death can be overcome by the joy found in existence. For the hero, Carl, that joy is found in the spirit of adventure, embodied by his own life and that of his late wife, Ellie. His love of her was a source of unending pleasure, which once removed brings Carl to a state of miserable depression. Yet after experiencing the pain of losing what is most valuable to him in the world, Carl rediscovers happiness on what he believes to be his last adventure before death, one that would honor his life and the memory of his late wife.

That adventure is to erect a house in Paradise Falls, a valley “lost to time” that embodies all the danger and excitement of the world the two fell in love over. While the circumstance of their life together did not allow them to achieve their dream, Carl takes it upon himself as his sole mission in life to complete this goal after her death. No matter what adversity or challenge he is faced with; villains and their heinous acts of force, tremendous tasks requiring immense strength and creativity, or navigating relationships he is forced into due to circumstance, he refuses to surrender his goal. While he might be a frail old man, the characters, and even the audience, may mistake him for weak. Weak is the one thing he is not.

Carl is a man literally possessed by the importance of his own values, and it is for this reason that Carl is a shining example of a hero. Carl is an ideal man by the fact that his life is a constant, never betrayed, pursuit of his own values. He possesses the unbreakable spirit which is required of a man in order to obtain happiness. It is this kind of spirit which gives him the strength to complete his adventure – and at its end discover a renewed love for life. This discovery, the plot event which triggers the climax of the film, is so well structured and such a vibrant salute to the life of man that it is a value in its own right.

Make sure you take the time to see “Up” in theatres while you still can – or you’ll also happen to miss out on the wonderfully integrated 3d effects of the movie. “Up” never settles for the cheap or trite; instead it is a tremendous work of art, aesthetically and morally. In a world that seems to pride itself on every new study of the depraved and grotesque, from serial killers to demonic possession, the reality that “Up” portrays is a wonderful oasis that anyone with a love for life can enjoy.

found here... that kind of review is enough to make me want to see it!!

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I loved it, it is one of my favorite pixar movies yet. That puts it high in the running for favorite movie period. It has a beautiful message, and is beautifully animated. It was also one of the saddest movies I have ever seen. It made me cry a lot.

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Yeah, you'd hate to impress her by showing you're a man who can honestly express his emotions. That would really suck! :)

So now I need to see this and Star Trek...I need more hours in my day!

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sangra.gifThis is one of Pixar's best efforts yet. I haven’t enjoyed much of what Disney has done lately, but this one is truly captivating and uplifting. It seems like they’re operating on an entirely different level. The opening montage got everyone teary-eyed, which I think is rare, as it normally takes the entire movie to get into the story and relate to a character. You could actually hear some people blowing their noses in the theater. Others were laughing at it, but I think that’s just because they’re afraid of showing their emotions. If you can relate to the first ten minutes on a personal level, it‘s sort of devastating. I didn’t cry, but still I think it was a great emotional scene.

sangra.gifThe movie has a very profound and mature theme, which is so unusual for anything put out by Pixar. The score was pretty good, and the voice acting was just perfect. The plot was nearly flawless, with some minor problems and factual errors, but the overall was marvelous. You can’t get all nitpicky, the movie is too good. I think some kids might not be able to grasp the genuinely mature elements of the story. There is a large extent to which they just wouldn’t get what's really important. Kevin and all these talking dogs flying airplanes seem to be merely stealth elements to trick them into watching a movie that they wouldn’t otherwise be interest in. At least you won’t find any horrible pop culture jokes in it.

sangra.gifThe whole look of the movie is fantastic. I didn't watch it in 3D, but it works just as well. The animation was wonderfully executed, and the colors were so lively and exuberant. I was very pleased, and I am already looking forward to seeing it again. Has anybody seen it in 3D? I hope it’s not one of those movies that throw something at your face every two minutes, just to make sure you know that you’re watching a 3D movie.

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