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In painting: what is art?

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I would take the time to pin-point the part where you ask what art is but I simply don't feel like it. Instead I'll give you a good definition that I think has worked pretty well in the past.

Art, in the realm of painting, drawing, sculpture, etc., is anything that is non-living, painstakingly created by human effort to be aesthetically pleasing. Somebody's dislike of a piece of art does not mean that it is not artistic, but someone's enjoyment of a piece of art does add to the value or quality of the piece. If noone likes a piece of art, it's a shitty piece of art and its not worth anything. But it's still a piece of art. The opposite is true too - is everyone loves a piece of art the value of that piece goes up, but it doesn't make it any more artistic.

"Value" and "art" have nothing to do with each other, as terms. If it helps you think of it in other ways, lets look at it in terms of books. A book is a series of pages that have words on them expressing ideas that usually have a common theme. A book can be shitty, but its still a book. If a book is a really good book, you don't come up with a new name for it, it's still a book.

I hope some of that made sense... cause it made sense to me o.0

Maybe its the Mountain Dew talking B)

Your post completely ignores in content everything that was discussed here so far. I believe if you'd read it you might find the answer to the problem Jake pointed out in your definition.

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