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Extreme poverty contradicts premise of Objectivism

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Is there any validity to the technique of the devil’s advocate?

AR: Yes, it’s very valuable. Playing devil's advocate means assuming a role opposite to your own conviction; advocating ideas the "devil" would throw at you. This technique trains you to answer every objection to your position. It's a good way to test your ideas, because if you encounter an objection you can't answer, you better find the answer or correct your thinking. (pgs. 178-179)

Thanks Freestyle.

I still would like to add that I also see Jake's point - there may be more than two positions to explore in a debate. I know that this is not possible fundamentally - but may be the two debating parties falsely believe that their positions are mutually exclusive and contradictory.

What do others think?

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I was just pointing out that AR has described the value of playing devil's advocate. It doesn't contradict what Jake stated in any way. The term (devil's advocate) doesn't suggest that there are only two sides to an issue. He was responding to your statement to that effect.

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My question is: What is the best way to convince other people [that life, particularly under capitalism, is a zero-sum game]?
Show them the simple fact that the pie has grown over time. If the pie is growing, then, by definition, it's not a zero-sum game.

Lot of people are afraid of capitalism as they believe that life is zero-sum game - and if someone has unfair start over them, he will be able to get a part of their share of the pie too.
That has to be taken carefully. You can have your percentage of the pie decrease even while your amount of pie is increasing. Your pie has actually increased, though some would look at that and say that your pie has decreased.

E.g. if some factory worker's income goes up 5% and tycoon's income goes up 20%, is the question how do we convince the machinist that he's doing better??

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