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Yaron Brook to Appear on CNBC Reports

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Straight from the ARC email notifier:

Dr. Yaron Brook, executive director of the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights, is scheduled to appear on CNBC TV's CNBC Reports today, Tuesday, August 4, to discuss unilateralism vs. multilateralism in U.S. foreign policy. The show starts at 8 p.m., Eastern time (5 p.m., Pacific time). Dr. Brook is scheduled to appear in multiple segments within the program.

It's times like this I remember that I have a T.V. I'll be watching! (I thought this deserved a forum mention because it is a slight deviation from other shows he routinely appears on)

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It was good for us, Yaron like all Objectivists you will see on tv was very cool.

These morons all trying to get their piece in, think they will be better understood the louder they talk over each other.

If you are an Objectivist scholar or professional the Graduate program at the OAC teaches you to communicate ideas and come across well in speaking on tv.

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I thought the first segment was the best but I agree the show was a mess. I think the host needs to do a better job moderating the discussion. It's pretty funny when they show all the guests talking at once!

Yaron did a good job defending the insurance industry. I always enjoy his tv appearances.

He's on this show again tonight, by the way.

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Regarding Health Care, Julie Roginsky worries about those who can't afford insurance and pay for their health care. Where do they go?

The answer is that if there were a free market and the government was not involved in health care, or the insurance industry, then the affordability of health care and insurance would be much more reasonable and people would generally be richer. Then, the few people would could not afford health care would be given special payment options from doctors, or would be helped through charity. The reason I know this, is because that's the way it was prior to 1960, when we had a far more free market health care industry and insurance industry. It wasn't a problem.

The book "Code Blue: Health Care In Crisis", by Doctor Edward Annis (who ran a hospital in Miami in the 1960s), describes what it was like. This was published in 1993, and I see is still on sale at Amazon.com

One thing I've noted that liberals do is they set up contexts where they regard life as an emergency, but the fact is man can survive at supremely high levels if he is left free. There would be no real issue in terms of people not being able to get medical care. In fact, quality would go up always, prices would remain reasonable, and there would be virtual universal coverage. The paradox is that if we have state controls, such as Julie Roginsky wants, then we will be far less able to survive and those on the edge will be the first to fall off. So, the emergency view of life would be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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