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NY Times article on Modern Love

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Interesting. I agree that the so-called mid life crisis is little more than an irrational temper tantrum. It's a poor excuse for the realization that the vast majority of us will never be as rich/powerful/successful or as happy as we want.

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One would wonder if a marriage to such a person was worth saving.

Staying out all night?

Hope there was a 6 month quarantine & STD testing involved after the POS came to his senses.

Yes, I would have a hard time with this as well. I would feel so profoundly disrespected I'm not sure I'd value the family enough to want to save it. Then again I suppose I've indulged in enough emotional masochism before that I might end up giving it a shot like this woman did, but even if I recognized that his struggles were "not about me", they still AFFECT me, and the fact that he would allow what was going on in his own inner world to hurt me would be a big slap in the face. I bend over backwards not to do such things to those I care about.

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