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Texas Public Schools required to teach the Bible in curriculum.

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The way I read the article, anyone can teach anything about the Bible, in any way they want to, so long as the requirement is fulfilled. What happens then when someone doesn't teach the Bible 'correctly' :lol:? Do pentecostal parents want some catholic teaching the bible; do christian parents want a Jew--probably the most qualified in the subject--to teach their children of the bible; how about atheist liberals teaching their children of the bible? Better yet, which Bible are they going to use? The Oxford study Bible may be the best option; however, many denominations don't regard different versions of the Bible as being equally authoritative or accurate. Many Independent Baptists insist only on the use of the King James Version, and they regard other versions as being in error, to say the least.

There's nothing inherently wrong with offering classes about the Bible or Christianity, but obviously Texas has something more in mind than having students learn or study the Bible. Of course, this type of study should only be offered as an elective to students near graduation from high school. However, what the news article says--I don't know what the actually law says--is that "all public schools must offer information relating to the Bible in their curriculum." This is where the nefarious activity starts to out shine any possible legitimate justification--true studying of the bible--that could be given for the law; there is no way students in a k-5 public school could benefit from such a mandate, and the same goes for 6-8 public middle schools, although to a lesser extent.

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It will achieve nothing but gaining the ire of the not-so-dedicated ones. I would know, we have a similar thing back here, but bigger. It's called Islamic studies. You learn every aspect of Islam in it, from marriages to jihad. Islamic studies = nap time. I think Bible studies will suffer the same fate.

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