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Yet another Kennedy outrage

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So..when a Republican is governor they change the law to suit them.. and know that they are in control they want to change it BACK? ..at least for now?.. until something else suits them?

Every day I just lose more hope that the people of this country even deserve liberty.. things like this just seem to be going by without a peep.

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I'll peep. The government relies heavily on the fact that most Americans are just too uneducated about civics and government functions (by design, people) to understand fully how these opportunistic ass hats manipulate the system to suit their personal needs. Why was the law changed in the first place? To prevent a republican vote due to a vacant seat? Grrr. What if state constitutions clearly outlined the rules for senator death/senator becomes president... if it were amended then there would be no more opportunism. BTW Blago should have been tried for treason.

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