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Buffalo, NY.

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I just moved to the Buffalo area for Uni. I'm aware of only one other Objectivist in the area, and we talk a bit. I'm soon going to be posting flyers up around the University At Buffalo North Campus for those interested in Ayn Rand, laissez-faire capitalism and individualism in general. If you are from Buffalo, or around the much larger metro area/Niagara Falls, feel free to post on here and/or message me. I figure if there are just something like 5 of us, it's enough.

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My home town is a couple hours west, near Erie, PA, so if you happen to hold a meetup on a weekend when I happen to be visiting the parents, maybe I'll make a trip out your way. Or, if I make the ubiquitous trip out to Niagara Falls again, I'll stop by.

I can however assist you in forming a group, as I've helped form several around Ohio. I would start by creating a group page on Facebook, and then create an ad targeted to people interested in Ayn Rand. Once you get enough people to join that, you can pick a place/time and invite people to come. You could also attend some of the Atheist / Skeptic / Glenn Beck 9/12 groups in your area, and advertise your group there. There's usually a few people in each of those groups who are actually interested in ideas, and don't simply hold arbitrary views on specific topics.

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Thanks for the suggestions and feedback, guys!

Brian, next week I'm going to pass out flyers at the philosophy club and then at the poli-sci club. I know that Buffalo has some kind of 9/12 project thing, but I don't know if I want the people that that kind of group attracts. I am also mainly looking for younger people, so I think I will stick with the college campuses (There are several in Buffalo, I may do work at others). The Facebook group may come after I find out at least a few people have interest.

K-Mac, I may start up an actual campus club if there is a significant interest. University At Buffalo has nearly 30000 students, so if just 30 were interested that would be amazing :dough:. However, as of right now I am trying to keep it based on the community rather than on a specific college campus, so I can perhaps advertise elsewhere as Brian suggested.

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i found this site doing a search for "Buffalo Objectivists" and landing here. so if anyone else ever wanders through, there is a Rochester Objectivist group that meets at RIT weekly (mostly non-students), and at least 2 or 3 of us live closer to Buffalo and would definitely be up for starting one here.

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