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Mark Twain

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I think he is a great writer. I always find Twain eminently quotable. He is full of witty aphorisms. I also think that Huck Finn is a great novel, though I remember the second half of the book as being somewhat crude (Twain stopped working on the novel about halfway through, where he picked it back up several years later is obvious.)

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I read "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" some years ago and thought it was very entertaining.


I've read more than half of his works and would particularly recommend Connecticut Yankee. I thought it was hilarious. His letters and essays are all worth a read as well.

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Has anyone read, "What is Man?" MT raises a lot of interesting points in this essay: self-sacrifice doesn't exist, there is no duty for duty's sake, every action we take is to fufill our own peace of mind, without which we wouldn't be able to bear ourselves. Every action we take (even if it's seemingly self-less) is first and foremost selfish.. but he also says that, "Man is a machine-man the impersonal engine. Whatsoever a man is, is due to his MAKE, and to the INFLUENCES brought to bear upon it by his heredities, his habitat, his associations. He is moved, directed, COMMANDED, by EXTERIOR influences--SOLELY. He ORIGINATES nothing, not even a thought." It's really an interesting read. Are there any (objectivist) critiques of this essay?

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