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Objectivism needs an answer to Michael Moore

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Michael Moore is small potatoes. Why are you so concerned about him?

He just got my attention today because he's apparently coming out with a new film called "Capitalism: A Love Story" which supposedly documents how the unfettered free market destroyed America. The guy is just such a foaming at the mouth idiot, nobody in entertainment is so irritating.

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He just got my attention today because he's apparently coming out with a new film called "Capitalism: A Love Story" which supposedly documents how the unfettered free market destroyed America. The guy is just such a foaming at the mouth idiot, nobody in entertainment is so irritating.

I agree he is awful and he should be opposed, but he's got nothing new to offer idea wise. He's just a liar.

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He just got my attention today because he's apparently coming out with a new film called "Capitalism: A Love Story" which supposedly documents how the unfettered free market destroyed America. The guy is just such a foaming at the mouth idiot, nobody in entertainment is so irritating.

I'd like to know where he found an unfettered free market in the US.

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Why, what timing! You're in luck! It just so happens that a fabulous writer (me) has just about finished a script for just exactly the kind of answer you're looking for! ;o It goes roughly as thus:

Capitalism: An Unrequited Love Story

[While opening credits roll, montage plays while voice speaks the following over it] Not so long ago or far away a beautiful young lady was born to a proud group of founding fathers (and yes, it was quite a struggle to achieve this against all those who said it couldn't be done). These guys had had a real pain in the neck of a time growing up under the domineering guardianship of King George of England and having now struck out on their own, they wanted to do better for their new family. They were very good parents and tried their best with their fledgling charge, but of course like all parents they still made some mistakes here and there in their new position and may have perhaps spoiled their new charge a bit. [/opening montage]

Act 1, scene 1: Enter Miss America, stage right. She is coming of age and her old fathers and a dashing young man are sitting in the living room as she enters.

Father #1 (too old and wrinkly by now to distinguish which one exactly): America! There you are, honey! As you know, you and your dads here are getting older. You know about the legacy we've left to you through our will, the guidelines we've given you on how to manage your affairs for best results and so on. Well, before we croak and it's too late we wanted to introduce you to gentleman we met from back in the old world. We think you'll find he can stand by your side and support you and make you very happy even once we're gone.

Dashing young man: Hello, Miss America. I'm Captain Capitalism. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm so pleased at the hospitality your family has shown me. They seem so kind! Not like my parents, they kicked me out when I decided to start fighting the good fight for truth, justice, and liberty.

Miss America: Oh, uh, hey. Nice to meet you too I suppose.

Act 1, scene 2: Miss America and Captain Capitalism are out at a restaurant on their first date. It's a really nice place as the Captain can afford to allow the finer things in life for those who will keep his company.

The Captain showers America with lovely gifts and sticks up for her when her bitter old relatives, the Europeans, find the two of them together and laugh and say she and the brute Capitalism deserve each other and then had the nerve to come ask America if she could give them some cash being family and all. The Captain responds that they sure do deserve each other and if the Europeans can't be happy for them then they're ignorant fools with poor taste who should stop bugging them and quit trying to come begging to her.

Act 2, scene 3: Miss America's fathers die. She morns them and then goes to strike out on her own, making her own decisions and guiding her own life without their input anymore. She's a little nervous about how to make it all on her own and not liking just how much responsibility she finds when she expected to be free of restraint once she left her parents behind altogether.

Act 1, scene 4: Miss America decides she doesn't like Captain Capitalism so much. She doesn't want to be with a brute like the Europeans said or to be deserving of a brute. And besides, the Captain was holding out on her. He had all kinds of wealth, but was only giving her so much whereas the Europeans didn't have any spending limits or anything. When they ran out of stuff, they'd just get it from elsewhere. Why shouldn't she be given stuff whenever she wanted it like the Europeans? And what was with Capitalism's stuffy, goody-two-shoes insistence on consistency and having to always stop and think about stuff instead of just being able to do whatever the hell she wanted to do?

Act 1, scene 5: Miss America meets a big, beefy, and possibly bloated man. He's huge alright and kind of scary looking. He finds the pretty Miss America and promises to make sure she gets whatever the hell she wants. He goes out and steals things to give them to her or threatens to shoot anybody who won't give her stuff or do what she wants. Miss America decides she likes this bad boy.

Act 2, scene 1: Miss America and her huge new boyfriend who went by many seemingly varied though formulaic aliases (some of which being Mr. Socialism, Mr. Communism, Mr. Fascism, Mr. Anarchism) go out and have some wild nights. They get high on hallucinogens and count up stolen goods and fake IOU notes. They run around recklessly doing whatever comes to them without thinking, grabbing whatever they think should be theirs as fast as they can get it and laughing at how awesome and clever and free they think they are.

Act 2, scene 2: As Miss America is gleefully counting up her loot pile, Mr.Whoever comes in and tells her he needs some of the loot, that there's a shortage out there of some stuff he was looking for that he intends to give to some other associates of his. America objects, but he whacks her in the head, calls her an ungrateful bitch after all he's done for her and grabs the stuff and leaves to do his business.

Act 2, scene 3: Miss America becomes more acquainted with Mr.Whatshisnames many associates and his iron fist. For a guy who seemed so free and unrestrained to her at first she starts finding it was really not so hard to get on his bad side and that she was regularly having to give up stuff in his name for some other sort of ally of his.

Act 2, scene 4: Captain Capitalism shows up asking Miss America why she hasn't been returning his calls and seems to be avoiding him. When he sees her he asks what on earth has happened to her while they've been apart and says that she looks awful and acts like a scared little creature instead of the once proud, upstanding woman he'd met. America shrieks for him to get out before somebody sees them together. What if Mr.Whoever saw them? She'd be in for a real lashing, told she was a wretched unappreciative whore and be beaten as punishment. Miss America throws a pan at the Captain and tells him to get out.

Act 3, scene 1: Captain Capitalism is worried about Miss America. She looks to be in a really bad state. He wants to see to it that she doesn't keep getting taken advantage of and pushed around. He goes to see about trying to visit her again and telling her she should seek counseling. America furtively tells Capitalism that she must just not be good enough if things aren't working out, that's all, she just needs to show more loyalty and respect to Mr.Whoever and follow his instructions more closely and things should work out and that her being with him here and going to counseling wouldn't help but only hinder that. She tells Capitalism that he should just go away. Capitalism though is not about to just stand for this horror. He goes to see her again the next day, but gets no response at all.

Act 3, scene 2: Miss America is found lying all beaten up and unable to move outside her residence when the Captain comes to try to see her again. It looks like her house has been ransacked and she has almost nothing left. Miss America tells the Captain she doesn't want to do anything about the stuff she lost and is hesitant to speak much about the situation. The Captain rushes to get her medical attention.

Act 3, scene 3: Miss America reluctantly and secretly accepts some supplies from Captain Capitalism when she has pretty much nothing left and is still being expected to give whatever she has to Mr.X's associates. She guiltily tries to hide some stuff from her lover. She hobbles along this way for a little while.

Act 3, scene 4: Mr.X comes home one day. America's been drinking whatever alcohol she could get, as she's tended to do lately, when Mr.X found her stash of stuff from the Captain. He screams at her about stuff like how deceitful she is, and being a low life and a quitter not committed to their free-for-all life style, that she's not proving to be how great she lead him to believe she was when they met, that he expected more of her. He says if she wants to not end up a filthy pariah rejected by him and his associates, she'll have to do some major repentance to make up for this cheating to get him to not leave her out in the cold. She apologizes profusely as he beats up on her and she says she'll do anything and he says that just giving the stuff she hid up is not enough, she'll have to give up more now too. But she has nothing else. So then he tells her in that case he wants her arms and legs to feed to some other new associates of his who are looking for some new stuff. She hesitates and starts to respond with agreement, but passes out mid sentence. Mr.X takes that as good enough and moves in with a knife. Just as he's about to start cutting her up, Captain Capitalism breaks down the door and rushes in to try to stop him.


Will the Captain be able to save our lovely, though still flawed and beaten down heroine? Can he save her when he has not only Mr.X to go up against, but her substance abuse and other personal destructive habits too? If she survives for now, will she ever return the Captain's affections? Time will tell, but you too can help the Captain if you want to see this story have a happy ending, kiddies.

Oh Captain, you tragic fool. I hope you really are not wasting you time and affections on a hopeless case. ;o;

(edited to fix some obvious spelling and grammar errors I noticed.)

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Michael Moore is the most popular context dropper, and he doesn't even work for the government. For this reason alone, he does need to be put in his place. While he claims that capitalism is a great evil to society, he does not realize that his movies would not exist in another country like China and that capitalism is the only system that protects men's rights. He clearly is short circuiting concepts such as health care and capitalism and expects everyone to be able to have their cake and eat it too, while he makes his living destroying the goose that lays his golden eggs.

I am frankly sick of this bastard, who argues from a point of view that is entirely unprincipled, amasses a bandwagon of followers, only to be clean swept by a greedy politician waiting in the wings with more than one idea of how to "fix" the plight. Garbage in, garbage out, and no effective principled change or thinking.

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