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Great comic about Obama and Atlas Shrugged

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Guest Erik Martinsen

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Guest Erik Martinsen

I came across this great comic about Barack Obama and Atlas Shrugged, but can't quite make out who has created it. It links to spectator.org, but I have been unable to find any clues there. The signature looks like "Yogi Cove", but that's apparently not correct. I'd like to view more of his/her work, and would appreciate any assistance in locating it.


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Wow those are both great! I've noticed the same common traits for depicting Obama among many political cartoonists are the over-sized ears, a cold and hands-off demeanor, and a very holier-than-thou expression with the nose pointed upward. That does sum him up pretty well.


It amuses me that Obama looks like "The Count" from sesame street in the first cartoon.

"One!, One bad policy, Two, Two bad policies... A-a-a-ah!"

Yes I definitely see it too. His caricature of Obama has all those same characteristics but it also looks as though he's drained of all life. Which is totally appropriate.


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I have no clue what's going on there. All I know is she went to OCON with Bosch Fawstin, and her Facebook page lists her as "in a relationship" with him. Is she still with Leonard Peikoff? You would think so, given her last name. I am completely confused...

The obvious inference would be that she has separated from Dr. Peikoff but not divorced him. Regardless, the details of her personal life are really none of our business.

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Those comics were pretty good. Are there any other O'ist-leaning comics out there? And are there any other comics in general which should be given praise? I would say Calvin & Hobbes is up there.

I would recommend Ditko's 3 comics featuring an Objectivist superhero. I have only been able to find one online so far, but it seems like its probably the best one out of the three as far as content.

To save you the trouble:


Might take a moment to load depending on your computer/internet speed.

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