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Sovie... I mean, Objectivist Posters!

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Just a concept I came up with - turning Soviet Propaganda Posters into Objectivist Propaganda posters. Unfortunately, I'm not that great at it. But here's some stuff I came up with. I'd love to see if anyone else has any ideas - and I'll come up with more when I get a better sense of either how to write slogans for art, or a better sense of humor. (PS: All of these ones all based on Atlas Shrugged)




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That second one is an antique by the way (and fairly often reproduced, it apparently is a classic of the genre). Notice in the upper left corner the letters РСФСР. In English, RSFSR, for Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic (the words are all cognate, so the sounds of the initials are the same in both languages). Immediately after the 1917 Revolution of February and Bolshevik coup of October, the commies renamed the Russian Empire to RSFSR, and also were fighting a civil war against divided and confused opposition. That poster is actually a recruiting poster for the Red Army for that war.

After the civil war was over in 1921 (though I understand some parts of Central Asia continued to resist well into the 1930s) the Commies reorganized their domain into a bunch of theoretically autonomous and "voluntarily" federated "Republics", ("voluntary" in the same way that the income tax is) and renamed the mess SSSR (СССР), Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (the Russian word for "Union" is "Soyuz"/Союз, hence the S/С instead of a U/У). (This event, BTW, is mentioned in We The Living.) They started out with six republics, one of which, by far the largest, kept the RSFSR label, and subdivided those six over the years, and conquered four more (including Juxtys' stomping ground Lithuania) to get to 16 under Stalin. The Karelian republic was later simply absorbed into the RSFSR (no doubt by unanimous vote of the Karelian Soviet at the implied threat of gunpoint) and we had the 15 republics that ultimately exist today as "former Soviet Republics." The irony is the lines were drawn for the convenience of the communists, and mainly to be able to claim they were a voluntary federation of a bunch of disparate peoples, not for any real reason, and now they are enshrined as international borders. The miracle is that there haven't been wars everywhere in the former USSR over the borders, as there often are in Africa. (Thus far only in the Caucasus region, between Russia and Georgia, and Armenia and Azerbaijan.)

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