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What are you listening at the moment?

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Well I'm listening to Bad Religion, as they're my favorite band. I know, some collectivist leanings. But I think they have more of an individualist streak and are pro-reason (and so anti-corporatism, anti-jingoism,etc.). I generally like my music fast, with meaningful lyrics (I also like country, classic rock, etc., its just not my favorite). I've never found classical to be something I want to listen to very often, as I like words rather than musical sounds (one has meaning, the other is just emotional reactions, which aren't as interesting).

Some of my favorite songs of theirs is "American Jesus" and "New Dark Ages".

American Jesus

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Atargatis, Through the mists of oblivion

Atargatis, Thy Crystallic Ascension


Rain Fell Within, Believe

Rain Fell Within, A False Reality

Pettalom, Bernice

Echoes Of Eternity, Voices In A Dream

Echoes Of Eternity, Garden Of The Gods

Echoes Of Eternity, The Kingdom Within

UNSUN, Whispers

Luca Turilli's Dreamquest, Frozen Star

Luca Turilli's Dreamquest, Black rose


Diablo Swing Orchestra, Heroines

Diablo Swing Orchestra, Balrog Boogie


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Land of Talk, The Man Who Breaks Things

The Gathering , You learn about it

Sylver Myst, Depth Of Illusion

Operatika, The Calling

Octavia Sperati, Lifelines of Depths

Octavia Sperati, Hunting Eye

Magica, Bittersweet Nightshade


Darkwell song part from a trilogy of theirs, Two Souls Creature II: The salvation:

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Tiamet, Divided


Tiamet, The Pentagram the lyrics are a poem written by Aleister Crowley, and it's actually pretty good poem, wonder if he'd written more?)

Tiamat - Wings Of Heaven / Love In Chains (two songs on this one)


Tiamat, A Deeper Kind Of Slumber


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Theatre of Tragedy, A Distance There Is

Theatre of Tragedy, Siren

Theatre Of Tragedy, A Rose For The Dead


Theatre Of Tragedy, On Whom The Moon Doth Shine

Theatre Of Tragedy, And When He Falleth


Theatre Of Tragedy, Der Tanz Der Schatten


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I regret clicking a single one of those links. And what the hell is up with all those perverse dolls on his profile page?!

Read the OP. This thread is for posting what you're listening to at the moment. Nowhere does it say that you should post your regrets, or opinions on webpage art.

Speaking of the purpose of the thread,

If you love Coltrane, it's worth checking out.

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At the moment, I am listening to a manager and a software engineer discussing something outside my cubicle at work. :-)

Would that be Alice, Wally or Asok talking to the pointy-haired boss?

You knew that was coming, didn't you? :pimp:

Well anyway... I've been putting Nightwish's last three albums, plus Ayreon's Universal Migrator pair, in the multi-CD player at work. I also caught up on all of Dr Peikoff's podcasts, too. Next up: Diana's RSR!


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Read the OP. This thread is for posting what you're listening to at the moment. Nowhere does it say that you should post your regrets, or opinions on webpage art.

Thank you.

I'm listening to some compositions by Nietzsche, like my favorite Eine Sylversternaught which I can tell is being played in this youtube, his compositions you can buy, the mature years one I very much enjoy, but I'm not sure who is performing this interpretation of it, but the one on this cd, is the best I've heard:


But this is ther version I'm listening to now:

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