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What are you listening at the moment?

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QUOTE (RationalBiker @ Oct 10 2009, 07:50 PM) *

Vanessa Mae - A violinist who performs compositions of classical music to a modern dance beat.

The Best of Vanessa Mae.


Definitely!! been a fan of hers since she was a child prodigy... and her stage performances are truly astounding, rivaling Madonna...

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Nightwish - Oceanborn

Never really got into this band, but the first singe in it, I think is the one that really got the whole crossover going with operatic vocals with Goth metal.

Megadeth - Rust In Peace

I used to listen to them a lot when I was younger. Looking back on lyrics today, I don't like them all that much, though they are skillful with their music, like guitar solos. One I really still like is this one:

Megadeth, A Tout Le Monde


Right now I am listening to:

Virgin Black, Lamenting Kiss

Seraphim, Resurrect


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-- Imogen Heap

I've always found Ms. Heap's music to be delightfully composed -- every sound is home-made, and I mean that literally. For a great deal of her career, she would use the sounds of trash cans, cars, etc. for her music, bringing it all together into something very man-made and orderly. Specifically, "The Walk" is a perfect artistic rendition of the intersecting themes of a rational love and an unearned guilt -- and, in the end, love wins out over guilt. What I love most is how much the whole thing sounds like she's singing about a spaceship; the human body as an artificial vessel is a beautiful idea, something I've mostly only seen in Rand's work.

-- Tori Amos

She's a new favorite -- a very humanistic artist, who conveys a profound love of humanity, even through her semi-mystical songs. Ms. Amos has a great love of the human body, of pleasure, etc. -- and has no problems with saying so. In "Precious Things," she focuses on the beauty of pain (note: not the "virtue" of suffering) for being a part of us; painful experiences, she admonishes, should be cherished and released, not resented and feared. They are not the mainstay of life -- they are sorrowful, indeed, but they need not keep us from finding happiness.

(I especially love this version -- it's so much better than the ones with the electric guitar, IMO, because it conveys so much more emotion and individuality. A lot of the pain is lost when she is accompanied by other artists.)

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I had forgotten about this...

Never touched the Therion collection, on the grounds it's tainted.


*click*..... *click*.....



What does that mean "tainted"?

Tainted... as in, 'taint mine. (Thankyou Mark Twain!)

*haha! One for the trophy board!*

On-topic: CD stacker latest is Ayreon's double-CD album "The Human Equation".


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Generally I think in terms of entire albums (lately it's been The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga), but there are a few songs in particular that I've been in love with recently.

All by Semi Precious Weapons:

Semi Precious Weapons (Yes, the song name is the band's name)

Magnetic Baby

Her Hair Is On Fire

Them Crooked Vultures, after seeing them posted in here, will probably be a new favorite (and a new album I'll be all over for the next few weeks)

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Maxim Vengerov playing the 3rd Movement of Saint-Saens 3rd Violin Concerto

He seems very animated. I have always adored the way Anne-Sophie Mutter plays, from her dresses, to her serious intense look while playing. Andre Rieu, he can be lively when playing as well.

[forgot to put what I was listening to]

Aenima, Pale

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