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The Greatest Show On Earth: The Evidence For Evolution

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Has anyone read the new book by Dr. Dawkins yet? I'm working through it right now. It reads like a kind of philosophy of science, applied to evolution kind of book. It's been quite enjoyable, though Dawkins fails to fully defend the rational basis of science, in my view.

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FInished it already, and that's my take.

It also seemed to me as though, in spite of his claim that the purpose of the book was to present the evidence for evolution, the overwhelming majority of it was like his other science books, showcasing some incredibly complex things that have resulted from evolution. (Normally I enjoy reading such things, but I was getting impatient, waiting for the evidence.) How is this evidence for the fact of evolution? Showing that evolution *can* explain such things is not actually making a positive case that evolution *is* the explanation for such things.

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