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Bank of Extortion

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In my experience, banks will refund a couple of overdraft fees if you just politely ask. At least mine did. I bank with Commerce Bank, and I highly recommend it (though it's only in like 3 or 4 different states?). Back when I was first in college I overdrafted...and the total of my overdraft was about $30. Since it was multiple different purchases, I was charged over $200 in overdraft fees. They removed a couple of them, but I had to pay the rest. Also, on that very same day, after I was told I had NO money, I went over and asked if I could get a credit card, and I was approved for a card with a $2,000 limit. HAH. I'm glad that happened, because had it not, I would not have as good of a credit score as I do now. (Also, I now have overdraft protection with my credit card).

It's hard not to be a little pissed when you're hit with so many fees, but hopefully you learn your lesson and become more financially responsible.

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I have been charged more than that amount for the same reason. But my frustration relieved when I realized that I was at fault. So understand that the cashing order of the debits was not unfair (nor manipulated), the fees nor their ROI for the banks were not unfair, and by threatening to leave you are the only one attempting extortion.

*Didn't notice that this was an old thread.

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