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Dr. Eric Daniels Speaking to NTOS on Friday, Nov. 13, 2009 @ 7:00PM&#3

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Old Toad

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The Looming Crisis over Free Speech

Dr. Eric Daniels

For the North Texas Objectivist Society


In this lecture, Dr. Daniels examines the state of free speech in America and finds that it is under serious threat. From campus speech codes to anti-discrimination and harassment law, from campaign finance to commercial speech, Americans today enjoy less and less freedom in communicating their ideas. Today’s colleges and universities have become a hotbed of censorship, producing generations of Americans who have accepted suppression of speech as the norm. Daniels argues that the emerging crisis is a result of the lack of a proper understanding of individual rights, especially property rights. Only by understanding the proper basis of rights can we act to secure our freedom of speech and to protect the rights that give rise to it.

About the Speaker

Dr. Eric Daniels is a research assistant professor at Clemson University’s Institute for the Study of Capitalism. He has lectured internationally on American history, particularly on American intellectual history, business history and political history. He taught for five years at Duke University's Program on Values and Ethics in the Marketplace, where he was nominated for a university-wide teaching award. Dr. Daniels was a contributor to the recently published Oxford Companion to United States History, and wrote a chapter in The Abolition of Antitrust. He has appeared on C-SPAN and Voice of America Radio.

About the North Texas Objectivist Society



7:00 pm - 7:30 pm - Arrival, signing-in, and seating

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm - Lecture followed by question period

* Refreshments only. Business casual.

* The speaker reserves all copyright. Note-taking is permitted, but by participation each audience member agrees not to publish any lecture notes.

* NTOS requests everyone to avoid Rand/Branden, Peikoff/Kelley, and ARI/TAS issues at our speaker and related events, which topics may be more appropriately and freely discussed at other NTOS events.

Admission Pricing

$35/person or $15/new guest*

*A “new guest” means a person who: a. is accompanied as a personal guest of a member; b. has never been a member; and c. has never been to an NTOS speaker event.

The member is expected to be the link between his guests and the other members of NTOS. For example, the member should help introduce his guests to Objectivism and to our other members.

We have very friendly and welcoming events. As always, all participation is expected to be respectful of a speaker and our society. For more information about NTOS, please see our “About” page at http://AynRand.Meetup.com/71/about/


North Dallas area, TBD. The location information will be sent via e-mail to those who register.

Advance Registration Requested

We request advance registration for limited seating, to build membership in NTOS, for our security, and to avoid the management of payments at the door.

Please register as follows:

(1) Visit our event listing at: http://aynrand.meetup.com/71/calendar/list/

a. RSVP for yourself plus any welcome guests you may wish to bring.

b. Pay the applicable event fee(s) via the payment link provided.

(2) "Contact Organizer" via http://aynrand.meetup.com/71/suggestion/

to send an e-mail with the following information:

a. Your name;

b. The name(s) of your guest(s), if any;

c. Your e-mail address;

d. Your mailing address;

e. Your telephone number(s).

We will not give out, publish, or sell your contact information.

Related Event

If you attend this lecture to NTOS, please also join us and the speaker for:

Thanksgiving & Social Reception with Dr. Eric Daniels @ "the Ranch"

Saturday, Novembe 14, 2009, 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

See our NTOS calendar for the details regarding the separate social reception!


If you have any questions, need any special accommodation, or have any difficulties regarding making online registration, please contact us via the "Contact Organizer" feature on Meetup at: http://aynrand.meetup.com/71/suggestion/

We hope you can join us!

"Old Toad", Organizer

North Texas Objectivist Society


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