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Dumbest charities

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Heading into the holiday season everyone knows that soon they will be bombarded constantly with calls, junkmail and people of the streetcorners begging for charities.

As a business owner I get a triple dose of bombardment of course.

This year I was stunned by something of such staggering stupidity I just had to share it and maybe the rest of you would care to share what obscene charities have wasted your time this year.

This morning I received a donation request from a charity that will, with my money, provide tattoo removal for the homeless.

Think on THAT one for a moment.

Then think again on the fact that statistically there are a high precentage of criminals, ex criminals and sex offenders amongst the homeless.

So really, I think it is just awesome that finally a caritable group has come along to HELP THEM GET RID OF DISTINGUISHING MARKS.

I have the feeling I may not be able to just ignore this one.

I may just have to write a nasty letter.

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I like a lot of charities, and most of the others I can at least put up with, but this just sounds absolutely ridiculous.

I find a bit of irony in your criminals/sex offenders remark; as if, of all the dumb mistakes these homeless people have made in their lives, getting a tattoo is a top priority for reversal.

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This tends to cause dismay in some circles, but my favorite charity of all time is George Soros's

Open Society Institute . It does do things I disagree with, but overall it's been the most effective (and influential) charitable organization of certainly the 80's and 90's, as far as I know. (Lately I stopped keeping in touch though, because Soros became involved in US politics, and is sponsoring all the wrong sides)

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