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Mathematics and Physics

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Primary source: Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology. You'll want to check out the appendix sections on mathematics and the philosophy of science. I can barely get through a page of this book without rolling on the floor, it's so good.

I recall some tantilizing ideas in OPAR about the relationship between mathematics and concept-formation.

Ron Pisaturo and Glenn Marcus have written some outstanding articles on the philosophy of mathematics. Mr. Pisaturo lists the articles on his website. Highly recommended.

Leonard Peikoff and David Harriman are doing exciting work on induction in physics, book forthcoming.

Have I missed anything?

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Dr. Peikoff's lectures on induction at this summer's conference had lots of epistemological information about induction in physics. Supposedly the full taped course (which includes 4 lectures that weren't given there) has an explanation of why generalizations in physics are necessarily mathematical (and why the same in philosophy are necessarily unmathematical). I'm dying to know the answer :)

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Do you know of any good site that gives a hierarchial list of math starting from just basic arithmetic through algebra and to more advanced? I think I had the crappiest math in highschool where all you needed was algebra and a little bit of geometry, and I want to go back and strengthen my skills.

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