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Wow. My wife and I just finished watching Paranormal Activity. What a crappy, horrible movie. That was the first movie in a long time that I was actually on the verge of falling asleep. It consisted of nothing but 1.5 hours of watching two people sleep. Not only that, but they were too cheap to even add a back story. The demon is haunting this girl but there is no explanation of why or how it started. The whole concept is that scary things are happening at night so the couple sets up a camera in the bedroom to catch whatever is happening. So you end up sitting there for most of the movie watching them sleep. The movie gives you the courtesy of telling you when something scary is about to happen as well. While they are sleeping the timer on the bottom corner is speeding along. As soon as it slows to real time, you know that it's time for something stupid to happen.

Oh, and when you're not watching them sleep, you're just watching them make coffee or do their homework.

The only good points I would give this is that there were a few funny scenes. In one scene

the girl screams horribly and the boyfriend runs to save her from the demon only to find that she is afraid of a spider in the bathroom.

The other funny scene was when

the girl is so scared that she calls the psychic. As soon as he walks into the house she runs up to him scared to death. He quickly says "the feeling in this house is too intense, I'm leaving now and you're on your own." He then turns right around and walks out.

:) I think I spent more time staring at the ceiling than watching the actual movie. ;)

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As soon as it slows to real time, you know that it's time for something stupid to happen.
Haahahaha. You're so right.

I agree, it was stupid because there wasn't enough of a story to make me care about anything.

Nine bucks and an hour and a half for a cheap thrill at the end.

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