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Angelina Jolie Discovers Ayn Rand

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What happens if Jolie gets the story changed a bit? Atlas Won't Shrug. The story of a woman trying to build a train line in Africa to feed the children. She is stopped by the greedy racist imperialist multinational corporations who won't work with the nice African governments who are just trying to help the people.

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I can't imagine Hollywood going Objectivist, but I can fervently wish it to be so.

Tom Selleck tried to get Atlas Shrugged done as a mini-series. He very much wanted to play Hank Reardon. Obviously it came to nought, but he went up in my estimation just for trying.

Hell, I'd be satisfied if Hollywood just showed some common sense. Dreamer that I am.

I just can't imagine Tom Selleck as Hank...

It's not right.

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I think Matt Bomer (of White Collar neal caffrey fame) would look epic as Ragnar. I can think of no other actor more attractive than him. 

as Hank Rearden- Christian Bale 

as Dagny Taggart- Rachel Weiz

as Fransisco- benedict cumberbatch (of Sherlock fame)

:kiss:  :kiss:  :kiss: my DREAM Atlas Shrugged starcast!

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