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US system vs. German system

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I find it hard to debate people about the merits of free marker healthcare. While the Canadian and UK systems are easy to argue against, the German system is a bit harder. A lot of the problem seems that it is not as well known. From what I have looked at so far it does seem to have a funding problem. They still spend about 6 percent less then we do on healthcare with better results. I usually make a moral argument for free market healthcare but without real world examples it's hard to put up an ideal against real world systems like in Germany? Any suggestions?


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How about force for a start? Germans are mandated by government to be in the system. It is not voluntary.

Question: Is enrollment in the German system mandated? If so, who pays for people who can't pay?

Answer: Yes, health care coverage is mandatory; you must be covered by some plan, either public or private. Employed persons generally have half of their premiums paid by their employer. Unemployed persons remain members of the sickness funds they were in when employed. Their contributions are paid by federal and local governments. The contributions of retirees are paid by the pensioners themselves and by their pension funds. Thus, the public health insurance program redistributes from higher to lower income groups, from the healthy to the sick, from the young to the old, from the employed to the unemployed, and from those without children to those with children. The idea is that everybody's in it together, and nobody should be without health insurance.(2)

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