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Several outrageous propositions

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Math Guy

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Math guy, just out of curiosity, does your theory have any relation to Terence McKenna's Time wave zero theory. I find that to have some of the same problems as you are running into. I have a friend who is very into him and has discussed his ideas with me. His theory I thought was based on the idea that when you throw out a certain number of sticks or rocks that over many throws the randomness can actually be graphed as a fractal. i only bring this up because you say that throwing a six sided die randomly doesn't follow the power-law curve, yet Mckenna claims it does(I thought, though I may be completely confused).

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I have been thinking about this and have come up with a thought. If entropy always graphs out to be a power-law curve in both systems of physics and systems of the man-made it is not saying anything about free will, it is only stating that the degradation of a system happens this way every time. it doesn't mean it is a cause which would seem to contradict freewill. But if I understand correctly the power-law curve is an exponentially degenerating thing. I would say it to be a fact that things that inevitably must degenerate will do it exponentially, and this is easy to conceptualize with complex systems. the fact that it is a system implys that they are interconnected so when there is even one weak link in the system it will slowly infect the rest at first but become exponentially worse and worse, as you are showing with diseases, dynasties, etc. I'm pretty sure Ayn even has written about the exponential decline of capitalism due to altruism. and this is when I thought of it. What if the power law curve is a graph of entropy for physics and a graph for irrationality in epistemology. Cause you wouldn't say that the graph is the cause of entropy in physics it is just a graph of the cause. Could the power-law curve be graphing the inevitable consequence of evasion, or holding a contradiction. it is almost like a graph for what will happen whenever reason isn't held as an absolute. Which I think we could say about all of human history. Does this make sense?

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