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When you give a fundamentalist Muslim man a vat of acid

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Well I don't have any evidence for this situation with the acid, I don't know anything about it, but I wouldn't be surprised either. In a lot of these areas with Sharia law, women are constantly terrorized as I have seen time and time again. Something as simple as drinking a beer can get you held down by several large men while you are caned and lashed with a large stick made for punishment of sinners, and if you are accused of impurity or adultery, you can be stoned and left for dead. These are official punishments handed out by courts. In most of the instances, the women plays 100% the sanction of the victim.

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I really doubt that the women are convinced they deserve any sort of punishment for refusal of marriage, let alone punishment by acid. They might be told such from the bastards who did the attack and others who are as corrupt, but I doubt the women believe it.

Also, I don't think the argument can be made that these men attack women specifically because they are Islamic fundamentalists. The article doesn't give much evidence, except a correlation between the Taliban in Afghanistan and in Pakistan. But attacks like these (and probably similar attacks with different weapons) have been happening since before the Taliban took over in Afghanistan. So you could attribute it to Islam, but I think it's more related to how women are viewed as less than human in that part of the world (even before religion comes into play) and that the law doesn't punish those who violate rights, whether it be a man or woman.

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I think it important that people be made aware this is happening but I don't believe that gross generalizations such as

"When you give a fundamentalist Muslim man a vat of acid..." are helpful.

This is intended with no disrespect to the original poster.

But one could as easily show a picture of

a little boy being raped with... when you leave a Priest alone with your children

a woman being burned at the stake... when you give a woman a fair trial in New England

a dead child shot by his brother... when you believe in the 2nd amendment right

Horrible things happen to women, children and well..people all over the world ..in fact here is a case in Chicago where a woman was assualted with acid by non Muslims:


Religious fundementalists can be very dangerous indeed but this statement just seems inflammatory, and geared towards appealing to a non rational part of ourselves that wants to fling blame wildly when something so horrific happens.

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I admit the topic title here is snide. It wasn't meant to be taken that seriously, but with subject matter like this I guess I shouldn't have introduced any semblance of levity in.

Anyway, the difference between Catholicism --> child rape and Islam --> Brutality to women is that child rape is not in the Bible. Punishment to disobedient, adulterous women IS in the Koran. You could say that disobedience commands similar barbarism in the Bible, and I would say to you that most Christians really don't care and have conformed to societal norms.

But Priests are not compelled to anally rape their altar boys. As George Carlin said "When Christ said 'Suffer the little children, come unto me' that's NOT what he was talking about.'

It probably has something to do with sex deprivation. More proof that lots of sex is a good thing :lol:

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Worse yet, these women are probably convinced that it was right for them to be mutilated like that.

I agree with this statement in that many of the women subject to such cruelty may be convinced that their punishments were just. Many people who are abused think that they are the problem; some women will say "they had it coming to them." These pictures are an extreme and graphic example of a systemic problem in such countries, and where abusive ideas are so ingrained it's probably more likely for the victim to blame themselves. For example, many slaves in America probably thought it was quite natural for the way they were treated, such as this case:

"They wasn't no church for the slaves, but we goes to the white folks' arbor on Sunday evening, and a white man he gits up there to preach to the niggers. He say, "Now I takes my text, which is, Nigger obey your master and your mistress, 'cause what you git from them here in this world am all you ever going to git, 'cause you just like the hogs and the other animals--when you dies you ain't no more, after you been throwed in that hole." I guess we believed that for a while 'cause we didn't have no way of finding out different. We didn't have no Bibles." (Federal Writers' Project, Lay my Burden Down: A Folk History of Slavery)

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Anyway, the difference between Catholicism --> child rape and Islam --> Brutality to women is that child rape is not in the Bible.

Genesis 19:1-8

Wherein we are to admire a man that gave his virgin daughters to be raped to death by a mob rather than let the mob take the angel who was in residence.

There's more, but that was the only one I knew chapter and verse. There's also the part in the bible where it dictates how much you have to pay a virgins father after you rape her. And instructions on how if you rape a virgin you must marry them... um.. and how if it is deemed (by a group of old men) that a woman didn't scream enough while being raped she must be put to death along with her rapist.

The Bible has some pretty good woman hatin' going for it too..

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You could say that disobedience commands similar barbarism in the Bible, and I would say to you that most Christians really don't care and have conformed to societal norms.

It's the "societal norms" that will sink your argument. For the part of the world these attacks are generally happening, it is a "societal norm" to treat women like shit. It's not even just Islam - Cambodia, Thailand and Burma have low populations of Muslims (according to wikipedia), and yet the article says that these attacks happen in all those countries. I'm betting the countries with the least number of attacks with acid are India and Bangladesh, because these two countries are pretty much leading the surrounding countries in capitalistic endeavours (however state-operated those actually are).

What really needs to be condemned is the lack of justice in upholding the individual rights of these women and even men who are persecuted in these countries. But Pakistan is far from able to control it's own territory properly, and Burma is currently still under a military-dictatorship. I'm unsure of Thailand and Cambodia.

I also think you and RussK aren't giving those women the credit they deserve. They aren't morons. At least one of the women in those pictures was educated enough to work at a university (and there's at least more than 7000(?) others). They know it's wrong to have been attacked like that, but they have no recourse as long as their rights aren't upheld by the force of law in those countries (because they're women or because they're poor or whatever reason, it doesn't matter). If they thought it was ok, they probably wouldn't have reported it to any sort of authority or news reporter, or gone through surgical reconstruction as some of them have. I will admit though, that there may be a few who have been completely brainwashed, but I'd guess that number is a huge minority. Just like there are victims of physical abuse in the US or Canada that think it's ok to be beaten by their spouse. If it's not reported, it's more likely that the victim is scared for their life or their family.

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