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Where can I find the art of Nick Gaetano?

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That's ok Stephen. He found us! I had a very nice on-line chat with Michael last night.  :D  We appreciate your continued support.

Yes we did have a very nice online chat! Very nice talking with you.

After I posted this I stopped being lazy and looked it up on Google and prompty found Cordair.

Thanks LInda!


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They are all quite beautiful. Fred Weiss is the one to see. Try his web site.

Unfortunately, we are all sold out of our Nick Gaetano Ayn Rand bookcover prints.

They are only available right now as frontispieces in our leatherbound set of Ayn Rand novels:


We still do have some of his Ayn Rand stamp posters, but even our supply of those are getting low.


Fred Weiss

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