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Hello, my name is Chris, Im from Anchorage, Alaska. I recently graduated high school and still deciding what I intend to do.

I was raised in a christian family but had problems with submitting myself to a "higher" power. In my senior year I was introduced to Ayn Rand and her works by a friend. After reading The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged I was overwhelmed with how much sence it made and seeing some of my own thoughts put into such a clear statement. From there I read online and discussed Objectivism with my friend, but I moved and so did he. So Im on this site looking to learn as much as I can about Objectivism. I have a fair grasp on the fundementals of Objectivism, but not enough that I can present a good aurgument in some discussions. I know what I think is right and wrong, but I sometimes find myself unable to proof why it is right or wrong. So I am simply looking for a complete understanding of Objectivism and all that living as an Objectivist implies.

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Nice to meet you.

Apparently half the people that leave Alaska for the Pacific NW end up at my bar so if you ever travel stop by & I'll buy you a drink.

I have 3 regulars from Juno... all named Rory. You Alaskans are a strange brew :lol:

I would love to take you up on that man. I wonder if I'd add to the brew...haha

FYI Juno=Juneau

My name=Brian

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