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Artist's Studio Featuring Bryan Larsen

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A brand new project in under way in the Artist's Studio at Quent Cordair Fine Art.

Artist's Studio

"Welcome back once again to the Artist’s Studio. That’s right… I am back for more. This composition is one I have been working on longer than just about anything I have ever painted. Years ago, I would guess about 1997, I began working on a painting based on the character of Dagny Taggart from ‘Atlas Shrugged’. From the beginning, the title of the piece was to be ‘Motive Force’, a reference to the powerful locomotive engine in the background, but more specifically to the figure of the woman responsible for keeping not just the train, but the entire railroad running. The theme is that behind even the most amazing products of the human mind is exactly that… a human mind: ultimately the most powerful motive force." --Bryan Larsen

On the studio page you can follow the progression from sketch to completed painting. Each step features commentary from Bryan about his thoughts, techniques and goals for the art. The studio experience is further enhanced by the opportunity to communicate with the artist. We encourage you to post your comments about his current project or to share your appreciation for your favorite completed piece. Bryan replies to all of the comments at his earliest convenience.

We hope that your visit to the Artist's Studio is both fun and educational. :D


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