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parents being responsible

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:unsure: My name is Shelly and I just found this froum and I am very interested in getting as many responses as I can from this topic.

I am a student at the University of Southern Maine and I am looking for as much info as possible for a debate I will be doing in my Ethics class. I am no the side that says that parents should be responsible for any crime that the child commits. I am looking for anything if anyone wants to help me out. I understand that age is an issue and that will be part of the debate, whether or not the child is too old, and therefore would be charged as an adult. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hi Shelley, welcome to the board!

We discussed the topic of legal guardianship a little bit on the board not too long ago here. That might help you a bit, but doesn't really go into the issue of parents being legally responsible for their children's criminal actions. If I were you, I would either bring up that topic in that thread, or start a new thread on the topic in the "Philosophy Discussion" forum.

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