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Metallica and Philosophy

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Hello everyone! I recently purchased a book that is part of the "Pop Culture and Philosophy" series, this one being "Metallica and Philosophy."

Now, I am a huge Metallica fan, they are almost definitely my favorite band, however, many of the people on this board mistakenly view them as nihilistic and macabre.

The book is actually a collection of essays, each dissecting some of Metallica's work and relating it to philosophy. While it obviously did not reveal Metallica to be a completely objectivist band, topics that were frequently mentioned that are supported in Metallica's music are very consistent with objectivism, such as individualism, truth, justice, defense against one's enemies, freedom, the irrationality of drug and alcohol abuse, and even the immorality of file sharing.

I urge anyone who is a fan of or wishes to better understand Metallica's music to read this book. Several of the essays are absolutely ridiculous and simple with simple critical thinking it is easy to see their falseness. Others regard them as an existentialist band, which I do not believe, however, Metallica does indeed display many virtues shared by Objectivism and Existentialism.

It definitely sheds light upon many of the common misconceptions about Metallica, and it a very good read.

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