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Lisa Brincks

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Sorry, I am not sure if this is the best place for this but I thought this was interesting.


Benevolence is often taken as naiveté or gullibility. As Americans, we still have much to be proud of. Let's hope and work to retain that spirit.

Ayn Rand often talked about the American People and their strength and openness.

It takes an honest Brit to recognize what was happening.

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I wonder if it doesn't strike the author as odd and relevant that the same country which has been quicker to jump on the band wagon of saying people are owed things like a certain minimum of health care at other's expense just for existing - what is referred to as a more advanced political and ethical stance there - is the same one with a more common and wide spread view of people giving them stuff for free or treating them to nice things as being like something gullible suckers do.

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