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Book of Eli Preview Discloses Director Idiocy

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I'm not planning on seeing this movie, but I found this interview question of the director rather humorous:

"In the movie they state that all the Bibles, and a lot of other religious texts, was burned after the "last great war," because many people believed that religion was a catalyst for this war. If religion didn't help the people of Eli's ficitonal past, why do you guys as filmmakers, think it will help their future?

Albert: You have some very deep, profound psychological questions there! You're applying logic to something that there is no logic in. That's part of my struggle. If you apply logic to a faith based religion — any of them — it will slowly start to fall apart. If you apply logic to Star Wars or Lord of The Rings, it will slowly start to fall apart. But if you go into it as a movie experience, as entertainment, [as] a mythology, and you don't look for the holes, and you go and believe then that's a different experience. But you're like me, I can tell by your questions. [Laughs] I can't even answer that. I can't answer some things in all of the movies that we've made. Ok, there's a good point in that. I wouldn't call it cynicism, because I'm a very cynical person, but there's that side of me where I say, "Well if it caused the problem then why do you think it's going to help anything?" Well there's those people that use it to cause problems and those that use it to solve problems. That's the only thing logically that I can say to myself to help me with that."

The directors are right, but I think unfortunately they aren't listening to what they're actually saying. Oh well (quote from io9.com).

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That's a rather lame attempt at avoiding admitting they've got a really big plot hole, unless all their characters seeking to bring back the religions are supposed to be stupid anyway (which I doubt is the case.) Lord of the Rings for example is at least internally consistent if you take as a given that their world has different properties, that's the the sort of thing you can allow in fiction. A plot that contradicts itself is not excused for being fiction though.

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