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These People Need to Get Over It!

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You've worked two years to afford a cruise vacation. It happens to stop at a private beach in Haiti. The cruise line pays the government for the beach. The cruise carries food aid, donated, in its vacant storage areas to unload at the beach. You've donated to the Haitian aid.

But when it comes time to hit the beach, you're 'sickened', and cannot, because 60 miles away many are dying of starvation while you chow down on a burger.

Cruise ships still find a Haitian berth


I was really impressed when I read Rand for the first time particularly in her vision for a benevolent universe. It really helped me realize how selfishness can be a happy bright thing. If we ever subordinate ourselves to the needs of others, we'll never be happy.

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Those comments are what are sickening.....

Leftist logic: A cruise ship that has probably created more income(not charity) to Haiti than what most people make in a lifetime, is morally corrupt, because it continues to create income to Haiti, while also being helping out in the relief effort......While a leftist sitting at home in the West feigning outrage for a week or two is moral?

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It's yet another demonstration that when you concede the propriety of *some* sacrifice, there's *no end* to the demands for *more* sacrifices which will result.

And the strange thing is almost nobody I know will come out and say that they believe one person's need establishes a claim on someone else. They somehow are able to satisfy themselves by saying that the well-off have a duty to help the unfortunate, but not because the unfortunate have a right to such help. A sacrifice must be made for someone who does not necessarily claim it. That seems very negative to me.

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