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Leftists lose presidency in Chile for first time in 52 years

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I found this bit of good news this morning amid the news about further nationalizations in Venezuela: Chile has elected a free-market-promoting economist to the presidency, after several decades of failed social programs and nationalizations. The only potential roadblock I saw in the story is that he's from Harvard. B)

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Not sure about exact dates, but at some point a group of Chileans who had studied at Chicago and had been influenced by its free-market focus and its monetarism, returned home and had quite some influence over the economy. Some called them "the Chicago boys". If my memory serves, one of them became part of the top leadership (President? Finance minister? something like that), and was instrumental in reforming Chile's social-security system, which was facing a future bankruptcy. For more commentary (albeit perhaps overly optimistic) about Chile's economy check the Carpe Diem blog.

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